Invoice Processing with MediusGo

MediusGo is a cloud tool that streamlines, digitizes, and automates revenue flow.

As a cloud-based system, MediusGo can be accessed through the browser of any tablet, computer, mobile phone, or smart device. Every one of your invoices from vendors are converted into searchable PDFs and are collected within a digital feed. MediusGo’s natively embedded capture allows supplier to email invoices directly to the MediusGo platform. Paper invoices can simply be scanned to the same address.

The MediusGo tool automatically checks that invoices are matching the basics:

  • Goods received is matched with POs (Purchase Orders)
  • Rental invoices are matched with contracts
  • Leasing invoices are matched with contracts’ payment plans

Invoices can be automatically checked for approval rights and are checked based on your established regulations.