Print Vendor Consolidation Yields Cost Savings and Indirect Organizational Benefits

Print Vendor Consolidation Supports Sustainability, Budget Reduction, Risk Reduction and More

Consolidating office printing and imaging suppliers has been proven as a strategy to consolidate buying power leading to reduced costs. Further, consolidating vendors leads to simplifying the vendor interactions in the areas of procurement process and risk reduction.

By moving to one managed print services partner to manage 100% of an organization’s printing and imaging needs, the following benefits are realized:

1. Hard cost savings for equipment, software, supplies and services:

  • A leading MPS partner is able to leverage their market knowledge with the right manufacturers to provide standardized pricing that is most often better than the organization can negotiate on their own. Market knowledge and experience is a huge factor here.

2. Reduced vendor relationship management and procurement costs:

  • Managing procurement calendars with multiple suppliers takes time and focus; vendor consolidation simplifies this process.
  • Reduce accounts payables process dramatically; often from 100s of invoices monthly to 1 detailed invoice quarterly.
  • One familiar interface for IT and users that interact with the partner translating to reduced training costs for employees.

3. Reduced risk and increased user satisfaction:

  • One vendor partner / sales relationship and one group of technical resources entering your premises giving control and standardization building access and non-disclosure policy.
  • One standardized process that eliminates finger pointing and results in simplification of support processes for IT and users.

When completing new client implementations for managed print services, SmartPrint has helped mid-market clients reduce print vendors from 5 or more down to only 1, on average. In working with large enterprise type organizations, vendor reductions are generally more the 30 print vendors to 1.

Many of these organizations had no idea that their vendor relationships were so out of control and that implementing print vendor consolidation could be so beneficial. The value of consolidating their print management to one vendor, although hard to measure in soft cost savings, has been seen as extremely value to C-suite executives in client organizations. From an environmental standpoint, the reduced administration and use of paper when working with one strategic print partner supports reduction in an organization’s carbon footprint.

To find out more about how imaging and print vendor consolidation can benefit your organization, contact our print vendor consolidation specialists below.