Managed Print Services

What are Managed Print Services?

Managed print services (MPS) are the on-going continuous improvement of your printing and imaging environment and document workflow for your users. It includes provisioning and support of the right equipment and integrated software solutions to support user efficiency and cost reduction. Managed print services is about supporting the print needs of people in your organization with the right, most efficient and most cost-effective print environment.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

There are many benefits to implementing managed print services including reduced costs, fewer calls to IT, improved efficiency and reduction in vendor management. Companies who have implemented have experienced up to 50% reduction in paper and printing costs , 25%+ reduction in calls to IT and typically will reduce office printing and imaging vendors from 5 or more to 1 .

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Assessing Print

Analyzing and understanding
current state

Benefits of Managed Print

Improve out of control print
environment, frustration and costs

Managing Print

Unmanaged print
= Unmanaged expense

Print as a Service

Learn how SmartPrint 360
can work for you

Optimizing Print

Up to 50% reduction
in print costs

MPS Expertise

Smart people making sense of
complex print environments

Managed Print Services Process

Implementing managed print services is a simple process which requires the expertise of a MPS expert to lead your team through three steps to determine the best services to suit your print environment’s specific needs:

1. Assessing your print environment – Understand your true current state of costs, devices and user bottlenecks.

2. Managing your print environment – Simplify with one strategic partner.

3. Optimizing your print environment – Leverage integrated document workflow software and iImplement the right balanced deployment for your organization to significantly increase user efficiency.

A wide range of managed print solutions are available on the market. It is crucial to find the right MPS solution for your specific goals. MPS solutions range from comprehensive MPS programs to on-site service and support for printers to print parts & services packages. A complete MPS assessment and recommendation can help you determine what works best for your business.

Different industries have different MPS needs. Check out your industry to see what managed print services can do for you.