Optimizing Your Print Environment

Managed Print Services + Print Optimization Plan = Up to 50% Reduction in Print Costs

The opportunities for print cost savings and productivity improvements are continuous and evolve along with changes in your business. Managing the existing environment is only the beginning. The successful implementation of a managed print services solution is a multi-phased on-going process, not a one-time quick fix.

Managed print services (MPS) alone can save 10% to 30% of print costs. However, by also implementing recommendations from a customized print optimization plan, your organization can save an additional 20% to 30% of print costs.

How to Optimize Print to Realize Significant Savings

It’s rare in today’s business environment to find a solution that both reduces costs and improves productivity without any initial capital investment. SmartPrint’s print optimization solution allows companies to do just that; by leveraging their existing printer fleet, while spending less.

So, how does an organization optimize office printing?

Take stock of your printing and imaging devices.

  • Understand your printing and imaging environment trends by looking at the history of device performance over a period of time; this information is readily available since it is continually collected on the printer fleet. Over time, trends emerge, providing an opportunity for device optimization and consolidation.
  • Understand printing and imaging costs right down to each specific device. Each device has an ideal utilization range, measured in recommended pages printed per month or duty cycle. Print costs are optimized when the device’s actual use is aligned with its recommended duty cycle.
  • Place each device in the right location to optimize costs and address user needs. Substantial savings are seen when you align your most cost-effective devices with your highest volume areas. SmartPrint uses a variety of reports to identify over/under-utilized devices and make recommendations for realigning print device locations according to print volume.

This results in the right devices in the right locations, producing the right number of pages at the lowest cost.

During the optimization process, as we collect data and learn more about your specific print environment, we work together to implement a new set of best practices. The end result is a finely-tuned and highly-managed and optimized printing and imaging environment.

Once implemented a manage print services solution fully optimized for your specific print environment can expose and eliminate a number of common print problems:

  • Devices improperly placed resulting in over or under utilization and inefficient users
  • Devices with high cost of operation printing high page volumes
  • Out of control color printing
  • Multiple single function print devices placed side-by side resulting in redundancy and an over-capitalized fleet
  • Proliferation of high-cost, locally connected devices on desktops with no consideration as to the total cost of ownership

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