Benefits of Managed Print Services

How can a Managed Print Services Program Improve My Business?

A business’ print environment left unmanaged can get completely out of control: excess paper, toner and ink usage, frustrated user calls to IT, and multiple vendors to manage. Across the company, people are pulling their hair out and all they want to do is print.

On top of the frustration is the invisible cost that no one can manage because no one person or department is responsible for this surprisingly massive business cost.

By implementing a managed print services program, many of these print environment issues dissipate:

  • Ability to see and manage print costs – Implementing a print job accounting solution can show you exactly how much your business spends on printing down to the user level. With managed print services, you can have all of your costs of printing detailed on a single invoice, broken down by printer or cost center. All print costs are visible and become transparent to the organization.
  • Keep track of print devices and deploy to the right place – Know exactly how many printing and imaging devices there are and understand the volume of each device. You’ll also know if the device capabilities match the volume and functional needs of the user.
  • Consolidate print vendors and standardize print fleet – Concentrated purchasing practices result in fewer vendors to manage and standardized print functionality and best practices across the organization.
  • Make better print environment decisions – As the overall printing and imaging environment is managed as one, all print-related decisions consider the needs of the entire organization, resulting in significantly less duplication and better utilization of existing print devices.
  • Reduced IT support and overall management – Reduce the need for employee involvement to support and manage the print environment by eliminating supplies ordering tasks and help-desk calls for printer support.
  • Create a paperless environment (or significant paper reduction) – Creating a paperless office makes for a more efficient workforce, significantly reduced costs, less duplication/errors with versions, and a more environmentally-friendly office.
  • Improve workflow and streamline business practices – By implementing MPS best practices, office documents are controlled in a way that allows employees to be more efficient and improve print, document and overall workflow.
  • Improved document control and document security – Control documents tightly using document management best practices. Prevent unauthorized access to documents and network by deploying a single security policy across the fleet. Full audit trail can allow documentation of who has accessed and modified all documents.

To realize the maximum benefits of managed print services, it is important to find the right business partner. A complete MPS assessment and recommendation can help you determine what works best for your business.

Talk to an MPS expert to find out how our pro-active approach to managed print can help your business get control of your print environment and make your users happy and efficient.