A Paperless Office with MPS

Increasing Efficiency and Improving Document Workflow are Key Benefits of a Paperless Office

Although there has been talk about going paperless in the business world for years, the objectives and meaning around going paperless has dramatically evolved. Going paperless was initially a plan to simply eliminate printing in the office with a goal of saving printing costs, go green, and have users do everything on a screen. It has transitioned to a focus of increasing efficiency, improving document workflow, reducing carbon footprint, all resulting in increased profitability for an organization. Many executives are now focused on document automation of their key workflows that will drive efficiency and impact their customer’s experience.

There are significant benefits for every industry type and every department in your business that can be recognized through the implementation of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system and the right workflow solution integration. Every organization and department is different; therefore, a focused approach with content management and workflow experts is required to improve efficiency.

Departments with high success of automation to achieving a paperless office:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Service
  • Operations
  • Sales and Marketing

Paperless office benefits:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Simplicity for your employees
  • Security & Audit Trail
  • Improved customer experience
  • ROI

Planning strategically is critical to successful projects. An organization needs an in-depth understanding of their current state as well as best practices in technology and process to support a future state that drives return on investment. Finding the right solution for your organization is critical. Focusing on improving document workflow is an on-going effort that will improve efficiency and significant ROI. Given that the ROI is typically soft costs, often organizations have to take a leap of faith that significant efficiency gain will drive long-term value.

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