SmartPrint 360

All things considered

Literally. Only SmartPrint 360 consolidates all the managed print services you need in a simple bundled package and a single monthly bill.

Are office printing issues eating up too much of your IT people’s time? Do you want to keep your endpoints safe from cybercriminals who could exploit vulnerabilities in your printer network to gain access? Would you like to see at a glance how much you’re spending on printing and where you could save money without needing to search through dozens of invoices? If so, SmartPrint 360 is for you.

Fact: 40% of Canadian companies experienced security breaches in 2016 and 54% of those breaches were due to hackers gaining access through unsecured printers.
IDC: Print Security – The Overlooked Threat

The security you need with the simplicity you want.

Since print equipment and software are favourite entry points for hackers, we assess and analyze your print infrastructure, find the vulnerabilities and help you harden the end points. We provide systems for 24/7 monitoring to instantly automate hardening print devices, and to notify of cyber activity and report on the status of potential threats.

More printer uptime and valuable reports.

SmartPrint 360 uses an advanced and fully integrated monitoring system that connects to all your print devices. Real-time alerts enable proactive management of service and supplies, reducing downtime and generating detailed reports on usage, costs and any service metric you could imagine.

One vendor, one monthly bill with everything as a service.

Just look at everything you get with SmartPrint 360. And you get all of it itemized on a single monthly bill: equipment, software, supplies and services.

Software Solutions
Implemented & supported by SmartPrint

  • Brand agnostic
  • Security: print infrastructure, devices, hard copy
  • Secure print release, cloud, mobile print
  • Simple content workflow: soft & hard copy
  • Document management
  • Intellectual property protection

Analytics & Reporting

  • Integrated systems generate detailed reports to guide decision-making
  • Document lifecycle from print to storage to destruction
  • Balanced deployment of equipment with software for happy efficient users

Professional Services

  • Technical support to manage complete print infrastructure
  • Application integration and management
  • Print queue & server management

Scalability & Flexibility

  • To manage all your locations in North America & beyond
  • Ease in flexing up or down with business changes

Proactive Services

  • Support by industry experts / continuous improvement
  • 24/7 monitoring / predictive response
  • Supplies management


  • Best in breed equipment for every department’s needs
  • Implementation and fleet management services

Fact: Our clients typically save between 30% and 50% on their printing costs after switching to us.

No other managed print service offers so much or makes things so simple.

SmartPrint 360 provides more services, security and reporting capabilities than anyone else. You’ll finally have the audit and compliance data to understand who is printing what, how much it costs, and how much time, trouble and money you’re saving. All covered by one simple monthly bill.


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