Digital Transformation Case Study – Healthcare Organization Implements Intelligent Workflow Solutions for HR (Human Resources)

The Client

A healthcare services organization with over 800 employees and 7 offices in major centres across Canada, supporting in-home healthcare through the distribution of products and coordination of installation services.

Business Challenge – Highlights

Struggling to attract and recruit talent to support expansion, often qualified applicants would enter the recruiting process, but would end up accepting a job with another organization before the company could get a first interview scheduled. The recruiting process was effective at getting applicants but the manual workflow to coordinate the next steps was broken. The HR team also struggled to keep up with the demands of new employee onboarding.

The Solution & Execution

With support from SmartPrint’s Intelligent Workflow team, the struggling HR department implemented a software solution to standardize and improve their recruiting processes by automating the process so they could be efficient and end the constant paper chasing. The automated process enabled the digital transformation of the recruiting process from beginning to end. The applicant’s information now rapidly flows to HR for review. Qualified applicants are then routed to the hiring managers in the system with no delays. The HR team has visibility to applicants that have not been reviewed by the hiring managers and the system sends automated reminders and has an escalation process to ensure there are no bottlenecks. The simple cloud-based system enables tracking and reporting for each step of the process including each interview results and workflow links to the hiring/onboarding process. The project has enabled the HR team to focus on higher-value work to support the business growth strategy like improving the attraction of quality applicants and employee retention strategies and tactics.

Outcome & Results

  • Improved the response times to get quality applicants into the recruiting process
  • 40% reduction of HR team time spent chasing and micromanaging the recruiting process (applicants and hiring managers)
  • The software systems reporting has provided the tools to analyze the process bottlenecks supporting continuous improvement
  • The HR team now has a single, secure, and organized cloud-based digital repository for all HR documents; time to find historical document has decreased significantly, and no more searching through filing cabinets
  • The HR team is working to automate all of the HR processes with integrated workflow connections where appropriate ie. the recruiting process linked to the hiring process and so on
  • Delivered an ROI in under 10 months.

Due to the successful project, other department leaders became interested in digitally transforming to automate their current business processes as the existing software tools to transform HR can be easily leveraged for all departments.

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