MPS Case Study – Reduce Calls to IT and Related Costs

MPS Client – Highlights

A prominent “Top 10” Canadian Law Firm with a Toronto head office and four branch offices in major cities across Canada, as well as an office in a major U.S. city.

Business Challenge – Highlights

managed print services for law firms

The firm was managing 4 separate suppliers for their printing and imaging needs – distributed print fleet, high-speed walk-up copiers, cost recovery, and scanning workflow solution.

The IT services and administration teams spent countless hours dealing with multiple vendors and managing print equipment downtime. In addition, the IT management team’s time was consumed by meetings with multiple vendors to attempt to rectify print downtime, support and equipment issues affecting multiple office locations. Multiple vendors meant finger-pointing with each vendor blaming issues on one another. This meant significant time wasted with no resolution, leaving print users extremely frustrated and efficiency compromised.

MPS Solution – Highlights

The “Top Ten” Canadian Law Firm engaged SmartPrint and asked their experts to:

  1. Reduce strain on the IT department
  2. Reduce equipment downtime
  3. Reduce order complexity and related administration costs of supporting the print environment

The firm’s #1 strategic initiative was to improve overall print user experience and productivity.

The SmartPrint team recommended and implemented the following:

  • Vendor consolidation – reduced from 4 vendors to 1 to eliminate finger-pointing and wasted IT management time.
  • Switched from problematic remanufactured supply (toner cartridges) to OEM without increasing monthly budget.
  • Streamlined the management of the print environment by moving from more than 15 different print supplies to only 2 for all print devices in the firm.
  • Updated and simplified the print infrastructure of over 500 print devices – from devices averaging more than 15 years old to an updated, standardized fleet of devices across all locations.
  • Supported user efficiency gains by implementing scanning workflow with one-touch scan that compresses the file, creates a text searchable PDF and routes the document to the user’s folder in the document management system.
  • Enabled the use of cost recovery applications for all MFP devices across the firm.

MPS Results – HighlightsMPS Case Study Legal IT Thumbnail

  • 83% reduction in IT service calls
  • More than 99% uptime of print equipment
  • 100% uptime of newly implemented scanning solution
  • Increased user experience and productivity
  • Reduced wasted time by IT and administrative teams on
    managing multiple print and imaging vendors
  • No more finger-pointing among print vendors

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